intersect cylinder to plane?

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  • intersect cylinder to plane?

    Using mm4 I would just intersect the plane with the cylinder and get the dimension from the corner of the part. I am not sure what to do with the new machine. I have a cylinder at a 20 degree angle, in a square block. I am having trouble reporting the dimension where the cylinder intersects the plane on the top of the part. Thanks for the help!

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    I'm guessing here but from that I am seeing that you have a flat area facing z+ and a hole directly to the x+ going thru that plane on a 20┬░angle to the x-.
    If this is the case measure both from the Z+. Change the working plane to the Y- and create a intersection point between the 2.


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      rotate head to 20 deg use sin and co sin for cyl Intersect plane to cyl using pierce point for loc depending on how its dimensioned or loc of cyl if plane is z zero
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