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    In on Sunday, I've better things to do, however lately I am finding that as I run progs, they progressively get slower and slower as I repeat them. I have one prog with a 36 page report that after a few runs it can take 4 minutes just to change from command to report mode! Getting rid of the CAD file and hiding the labels helps. but a reboot is the only fix that I've found up to now. I have increased my memory but it did not help. Any ideas would be appreciated. [3.5 MR2]
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    In order for tips calibrated in the new tool position to relate to the tips that thou hast calibrated with the Holy Spheroid of Anteoch in the old position, and if you care that the tip is now relocated to the nethermost regions of the granite wilderness etc.etc.
    John Cleese must have had something to do with this one.

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