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    good morning everyone,

    trying to create an offset plane, i have 4 points
    point 427.0
    point 427.0
    point 580.0
    point 580.0
    with four points and an offset of 153 between the points how can i create and level it so when i re-check these points they are all at 0.

    thanks gentlemen

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    Level 2 and rising

    1) If you mean you want to have the actual measured values at zero, create a plane based on those points, level to that plane, and translate you zero to that plane, in an alignment.

    2) If you mean you want to have the measured error at zero, create offset points based on those points, try offsetting the 427.0 points by 153 so that the 2 offset points and the two 580.0 point are all at 580.0. Now create a plane from all four points that are at 580 and level to that plane in an alignment.
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      tried it, i get 2 points that measure at zero, but the other two measure at 153.0


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        Use an ACTAUL stock thickness for 2 of the points equal to the amount of offset. However, You rellay shouldn't have all 4 measureing at zero since they are NOT at zero. A zero deviation would be acceptable. Since there is 153mm difference in height between the points, that is what your report should show.
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