Shank probe not calibrating in 4.0

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  • Shank probe not calibrating in 4.0

    Hey everybody... I'm trying to calibrate a 2x40 shank probe in 4.0 but it won't calibrate the shank. It will only calibrate the sphere. Any ideas? Yes, I have the shank box checked. Thanks in advance!


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    Sorry I can't tell you why its not working in 4.0 but....

    I wouldn't bother with the shank cal value anyway because it isn't used in any way when measuring at that "shank" depth. The probe comp is still and always was from the center of the spherical tip of the shank probe.

    That type of probe should only be used for A0,B0 purposes. There is considerable uncertainty with the "point" of the shank in relation to the ph10 in rotated positions.

    just my opinion, and likewise with several others in this forum

    or you could do a search on this forum and the old one for "shank probe"
    and see what you come up with
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      I agree with Mike N. What are you trying to measure that you need a shank probe? There are probly plenty of options.....

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