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  • Trigger Force???

    Morning gents,
    I know about the tp20's and the different forces in the modules, but can I change the force in Pc-Dmis so it doesn't touch so hard. Until I get the right fixturing, I'm stuck measing thick and flexable plastics.

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    Use the command 'Touchspeed'
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      I like the flexability of the modules but I do miss the old days when TP20s did not have modules and were tuneable with a hex wrench. We have an old manual with a TP2 that can be adjusted like that. When I first started here people were bitc*ing about the bad/double hits the manual machine would take. I unthreaded the TP2 and tuned it in, no-one even knew that could be done. Any way I digress, no you can not adjust touch force with PCDMIS. Try ag1979's deal and adjust the speed, it is not the same but you may get what you are after for your application.

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        Thanks guys, much help indeed.


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