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    Been looking thru some of the posts on here to try and resolve a problem I am experiencing when getting data from Datapage to Excel. I have not been using Datapage for very long nor have I had any training so this problem could quite easily just be me.

    I like a few other people it seems need to send my results to customers via an Excel spreadsheet which is tedious work to say the least. I have kind of semi automated this process but have a few problems

    a) Using the spreadsheet output in Datapage, I would really like to be able to get the OUTTOL column. This is automatically inserted into the pdf file I create as part of the program. I only get the NOM, UPPER, LOWER and MEAS dimensions.

    b) To work around the above I have kind of semi automated a template that creates this OUTTOL column but I have problems with FORMANDLOCATION dimensions as well as some others. Using the exception report, datapage flags up Blade No 41 as being out of tolerance (highlighted blue in the excel spreadsheet) when in fact, the PDF file says it is in tolerance. Any ideas why ?

    As I need to write programs which are run by operators who have no knowledge of PC Dmis, everything needs to be automated and foolproof. I have a standard template which I use for all programs which creates a pdf file in a specific area on the hard drive depending on the contract selected by the operator. This file is automatically named with the part number and date / time. I also send all of the stats to Datapage. Rather than have external customers trawl through numerous pdf files, I thought it would be quite simple to export the data from Datapage into Excel and just provide a large spreadsheet but the problems above are preventing me from automating this.

    Hope I have explained this OK, any help / ideas / alternative methods is appreciated

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