FYI on custom tool bars.

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  • FYI on custom tool bars.

    In ver 3.5mr2 I had created 3 custom tool bars that all worked. In ver 3.7mr3 that is not the case. If you create more than 1 custom tool bar, everything will look good until you close PCDMIS and re open it. When you do there will only be 1 tool bar left that you created. And the name of the tool bar will be different than the one you saved it as. The icons will be from one of the other tool bars that you created. Caution before you try this back up your CustomMenuitem.dat,gbarstate.dat and toolbar.dat or all of you previous settings will be gone. I ended up creating 1 tool bar with everything that I needed in it and now everything id good in PDCMIS land.
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