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    Another observation to note - perhaps I am the only one to do this - don't know.

    In v4, the Database Wizard has disappeared! Maybe it's not needed with the PCD2Excel wizard - I haven't gotten that far yet.

    Here's what I used to do. I don't have Datapage so I would typically use the Stat command to push my data into an "SPC Database" by using that option on the Statistics window - selecting my database from the drop down box. I'd have to first create the database by using the Database Wizard though.

    The advantage I see right off the bat over the PCD2Excel thingy is that my data was recorded as it was collected rather than dumped into an excel file at the end of the day. Don't know about you, but crashes happen.

    Anyway, just an observation that I don't have a good workaround for yet. I'll take suggestions!

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    Then what?

    You told us how you used to put the data into a database ufter creating it with the database wizard, then what?

    How did you make use of the data after it went into the database?

    Did you have your own stats program that extracted it from the database?

    This information might help us determine the best course of action for you. . .


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      I'd manually scrape it out of the db and either plop into Excel or Minitab - usually straight into Excel though b/c it's got some filtering options that make life easier.

      Perhaps I need to experiment more with v4 but, it looks as if the PCD2Excel wizard only dumps data into the Excel file at the "end" of your session - I envision doing 29 pieces of a 30 piece cap study and have the thing crash.

      I'm gonna try more 'speriments shortly...


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