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    Hi everybody

    I have problem with exporting results to Excel.I used before test32.xls file. Everything worked pretty nice, till last week. I'm installed Microsoft hotfix,which one I'm founded like a link on B&Sforum to remove trouble with "out of memory" . It looks OK, but I lost something in VBA settings. All the time appears message "Compile error: Can't find project or library" ,when VB script in PC-DMIS moving results to test32.xls. I tried to reinstall MS Office. I tried to install MS Office XP, because before this I used MS Office 97. Everythig is same. I tried put pcdlrn.tlb manually into the Excel / VBAProject tab. And also I tried reinstall PC-DMIS. I using 3.7 version.

    All suggests will be appreciated.

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    I think you have to open your blank copy of test32 and go under
    tools macro and visual basic editor
    when that opens hit tools referance and make sure it has what version of pcdmis check box
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      This all I'm done. I thick 3.7 there. There appears also 3.5. If I want to thick this, it appear message "library missing". I'm think something must be wrong with that hotfix. I'm just only upgrade that Office XP.Maybe complet reinstall MS Office, will be better?!?


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