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  • Settings for PDF quality?

    Anyone know if there are any settings for printing quality? I know several people have complained about the printing being slow in 4.2. I'm having those same problems but I've also noticed that the pdf file size has gone out the roof (an 11 page report in 4.2MR1 is roughly twice the file size of a 22 page report in 3.7!!). New reports opened in Acrobat now take forevever to print too. I'm guessing the slow printing and huge pdf's are related. Thanks for any ideas.

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    Download Cute PDF Writer for exporting reports to PDF format
    B&S Mistral
    3.207 Beta on XP

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      what i found by searching through the Settingseditor,
      there exists a key "MaxPrintResolution" under the Printing-section,
      but no info on how to use it.
      But perhaps it brings you on the right track.



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        cant you goto the Printers/faxes settings window in Control panel(Windows) and adjust the driver settings there?
        Links to my utilities for PCDMIS


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          There were complaints on the poor resolution on output so changes were made. Then there were complaints on the large file size due to the higher resolution so "MaxPrintResolution" was added. A setting of 96 matches what the screen resolution is. 96 should be the same resolution V3.7 used.


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            Thanks SABarber for the clarification,
            is it possible to bring this documentation to the help-file?


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