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  • pcdmis not responding

    Hi all,
    I have been having some trouble the past couple of weeks with my pcdmis not shutting down when I close out the program or to close and load another program. The programs run fine once they are loaded. Sometimes I have to close out of pcdmis and start back up, it will close and load about 2 times then it will lock up. Nothing has been changed on this computer for some time now. I have defraged and cleaned up the hard drive, I also cleaned out old datapage data. I have plenty of memory and space on my c: drive. It all seemed to start when I had an afternoon free and imported a cad model of the demo block. I don't use Cad but I see a lot of you do so I wanted to play with it. Now when it locks up I noticed at the bottom it always says "reading cad file from disk". What could I have done or what could I do to correct this problem. I have copied the cad file out of the pcdmis directory into another directory. This may not be the problem but it is the only thing I can think of that has changed.

    PCDmis 3.5mr2 CAD++

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    I bet you are clicking on your pcdmis icon more than once, because its not starting fast enough. At least I know I did that. You may have to really clean up the computer.
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      I did forget to mention that I am not on a network or anything like that, this is total a stand alone computer. No antivirus software or anything. Just pcdmis and a few other programs.
      Sorry Paul, didn't see your reply. I know I am not loading pcdmis 2 times. I only have window explorer, pcdmis and datapage up when this machine is on.
      By the way, how can you tell when someone answers your posts? I have to close my internet and reopen or back page back enough time to get back to main screen

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      PCDmis 3.5mr2 CAD++


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        Go to your C drive and delete the Cad file
        see if that helps
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          I did delete it out of my pcdmis directory, is this good enough? if so, that didn't work. I copied it into another directory. I haven't tried putting it back into the pcdmis directory, could it be searching for it? how does that work
          PCDmis 3.5mr2 CAD++


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            to know about replies

            Well under thread options when you start the thread you can choose to be emailed when there is a post to the thread. As far as updating the board, you can use the refresh button on your browser, or at the very top of the screen, just below the banner you will see the directory "PC-DMIS User Forum >PC-DMIS Enterprise Metrology Software > PC-DMIS for CMMs>" If you click on "PC-DMIS for CMMs" it will refresh the page. HTH
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              You can delete the .CAD file at any time and the program will not 'look' for it.

              As far as I know, V3.5 whatever MR opens fast enough, it is V3.7 that is loggy and slow on opening up and might cause an operator to try it again, thinking that it was not already opening up.

              How did you import the cad file? Was it IMPORT / IGES or do you have one of the DCI or DCT options on the computer? If you are NOT using a DCI or DCT then just deleting the .CAD file should take care of everything. I am not sure what the DCI or DCT will do if you delete the .CAD file. Did you try to do it by IMPORT / CAD but have it either load an IGES file or did you change the .IGS extension to .CAD? Either one might cause problems.

              If all else fails, and since it was a 'play' program, try deleting it and starting over, OR is this 'reading cad' coming up in ALL your programs?

              I am now out of ideas (for the moment).
              Originally posted by AndersI
              I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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                Thanks Wes, that work cool

                I went Import, then I get 3 files bsblockm.igs, bsbsolid.igs, bsbwire.igs. I think I load both the solid and the wire because I have cad++. Now there are still in my pcdmis folder. I am not sure where the .cad file I delete came from. Sorry
                PCDmis 3.5mr2 CAD++


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                  When you import the .igs into the program and save it saves the igs as cad and leaves the igs where it was
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