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    Hi Dears,

    I have a question with Ver 3.7 MR3, on Auto Circle, When I make a Circle and I want to move the sample hits, I right clock on sample hit and Click and Set " User Defined Hits" then I Drag the Hit , when I close the Window and re-open it, it is on Original hit klocations again....... What elese should I do ?

    thanx in advance

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    You can always edit the start / end angles and spacer in the aotu circle dialog box and look at the changes on screen until they are the way you want them.
    James Temmen

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      J Temmen, YOu are Right , my problem is, when I do Edit on screen and close the window ( F9 ), when I re-open that, I see my changes are not applied, indeed hits gone back to their original position !!!!!


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        Can I retire Now?

        Tigershark, is it possible that you are not hitting the "create" button, but the "close" button instead? If you start an autofeature, and click close without having first clicked create, you have not created the feature. In the edit window there will be no code for the feature. When you click the autofeature icon again your theoretical information will still be there, but you will have lost dragged hits. If you do not want to measure the feature you can uncheck the "measure" box and still hit create. This will generate the code for the feature without actually trying to measure the feature. HTH

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          I just realized you are asking about sample hits, not feature hits. I can't help you there. I don't check sheet metal and almost never use sample hits. I guess I was just too eager to reach my 100th post. LOL
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