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  • Report File Crash

    I have created a report file and used a Custom Footer of my own using a Labe template and setting up a Grid contorl object to contain my "Cell Expressions". I pulled it into my Report directory and used it much to my extreme pleasure for the entire afternoon after creating it. The next day when open PCDMIS and try to choose and use that report file I get an error It says:
    Runtime Error!
    Program: c:\Program Files\WAI\PC-DMIS V42 MR1\PCDLRN
    abnormal program termination

    Crash City!!!Again
    Cold Beer MMMmmmm........

    Dell Precision T5400
    Windows 7
    B&S XCEL
    WENZEL LH1512
    PCDMIS 2011 MR1

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    Is it crashing with just one part program? Can you use it on another part program? It sounds like it may have become corrupted somehow. I'm not sure how that could have happened.

    Can you open the report template and the footer label template in their respective editors? Or do you experience problems there too? If they open up fine there, maybe try doing a Save As and overwrite what you have and see if they work again.

    I don't know.
    Jared Hess - Techwriter @ WAI
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