Sheffield Calibration Problem in 4.2 MR1

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  • Sheffield Calibration Problem in 4.2 MR1

    We are having Problems with our Sheffield machine During Calibration. When we Calibrate Tip A0B0 the machine will stop before the last couple of points and go into manual mode and we have to put it back in Auto mode to finish the routine. Also if we have more than one Probe Rotation to calibrate it will change the Probe diameter resluts to something above .200 inches on a .076 (2MM) Probe in several of the other Rotations. Any Thoughts on this? We Tried to go back to 4.1 and it now does the same thing. 4.1 never had this problem before. Talk about Crash'O'Rama!
    Cold Beer MMMmmmm........

    Dell Precision T5400
    Windows 7
    B&S XCEL
    WENZEL LH1512
    PCDMIS 2011 MR1

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