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  • Profile of a line

    I have a call out - Profile of a line 1|A|B| with another box under the FCF that reads. |0.5/100|. I believe that it refines the call out allowing +/-0.5 for profile by say the part can only devieate by +/-.25 over every 100mm. Is this interpertation correct. If so, what is the best way to repart this.

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    Yes, this is a correct interpretation.

    Create (as many as you need to cover the area) 20mm long line scans. Lets say you have 25 sets. Now create one set out of the 25. Report this large set to the upper FCF. Now create one set out of sets one through five (100mm total length). Repeat this for sets two through six and three through seven and so on until you have all of them done. Inspect each of the 100mm long sets to the lower FCF. This is not completely correct because a 100mm long area sowhere between two sets is not covered but you will be as close as you can get without 100's of sets.
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      First FCF calls profile and position of it, second demands that shape of a line can deviate only
      within 0.5mm field at 100mm length( shape may float inside 1|A|B field)


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