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  • Encoder Error?

    We have a microxcel pfx using PCdmis, We mainly use it for occasional dimension checking on prototype units. I have been trying to track down a problem and searching through the forums it sounds like an encoder error, but was hoping someone with more experiance could double check me.

    When I try to start the machine it goes through the start up sequence, but I noticed the machine start flashes a few times before controller turns off most LEDs and is ready for use. When I try to start PCdmis it asks me to do a machine start and home machine, Pressing machine start turn on and immediately off the light. I have also noticed the motion is effected, obviously I have no controller control, but I can change switches to manual movement or dial control to move it as normal. However, when I change to the controller controlled it doesn't seem to change from the dial control resistence. (eg it will still move with dials even in controller selection.)

    If I cancel the homing I get an error message, " TR_GEB_X Error at encoder Signal X-axis"

    Does it sound like an encoder error or is this a false positive from cancelling the homing. I have tried cleaning the scales, will try again, but any advice would be appreciated.


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    Has it been bumped. The error says x axis encoder signal. If jarred the encoder could have slightly moved & is unable to read the glass scale or the encoder has gone bad. If you have a maintence dept you could see if they have an oscilloscope & replace yourself. Cheaper then B&S coming in
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      The encoder rides on a plastic tray over the glass pushed by a spring. I might be wrong but it seems it is pretty forgiving.

      No maintenence Department, only about 70 employees and almost all engineers. We could make a new one, but if its a bad encoder the 250 bucks for a new one isn't bad.


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        Definately have an o-scope , but not sure what it would entail. Anywhere you could suggest for reading about it?


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          It was the encoder, will machine start and home now, but my zero position is off now and the machine tries moving all the way left in x axis. I assume if I re-calibrate I can fix that anyone done that before?


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            I have this problem with our MicroXcel off-n-on. Clean the scales with alcohol and if you feel froggy enough remove the encoder and clean it too. This usually takes care of my issues (mine is always Z-axis encoder).

            If it does not fix the issue get B&S service tech in to show you have to re-calibrate the scales. I can do it but would put my foot in my mouth or my head up my butt trying to explain how to do it. Once you've had them show you how do calibrate the scales you can do it piece of cake with eyes closed.

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