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    Has anyone taken the DMIS offline programming class? If so, what all was covered (there is no syllabus), and did you find it to be very beneficial?


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    Did not even know there was such a thing. The best thing I have found is OJT, trail and error. Because what ever I they were teaching at a class I already knew. And each company out there has its own needs with too many varialbles. What type of business you in?
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      What paul said..if you can program online you can offline
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        I know how to program offline, but I didnt know if there were certain aspects of it that I didn't know, or that I wasn't performing. There is a class that's offered, but like i said, no syllabus, and I was curious as to what it covered. I have some trouble moving the part when using CAD models, relating it to the machine, and then importing the fixturing hardware definitions and relating them to everything. I don't really need them , but I was wondering if there was anything else that I may be missing out on.


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          Originally posted by bw_bob View Post
          What paul said..if you can program online you can offline
          First I get Matt to agree with one of my posts and now bw_bob! WoW, thats two in two years! Baby I am on a Roll!
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            No offline class, but offline programming style is what you should be using everyday.



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              I program offline on occasion. Sometimes I have a model & sometimes i don't. I guess its how comfortable you feel about your programming skills. Me personally I would not waste the money, but thats just me. There is not much more I can say...good luck
              sigpic.....Its called golf because all the other 4 letter words were taken


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