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  • report template needed

    Does anyone have a Report template for 4.2 that reports the number dimensions measured and the number out of tolerance at the end of the report that they would be willing to share. I have tried to use the help files to do one myself but I haven't been able to accomplish this. Please.....
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    If you need to find the numbers, here's a good way to get them.

    This also evaluates the new dimensioning, or XactMeasure dimensioning. The old OUTTOL.BAS can not read them. Craiger also posted some similar code, but his code does not include XactMeasure dimensions either.

    In the end you have both numbers in a ASSIGN variable. Put that variable into your LABEL (not your report) and you are there. I put mine in the FILE_HEADER label. They will update if you put them in as TRACEFIELDS.

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      A footer template I made that contains info similar to the EW footers prior to 4.0 is available here. It shows the total # of dimensions and the total out of tol at the bottom of the report.
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