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    Just started with this company and they have STI installed but have rarely used it. I have never used it! It appears that I need an access code to install new programs. Is there a default code? No one here knows what it would be. Also, does your SMA have to be up to date to use this? Cause ours isn't.
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    Go to Windows “START” (in the lower left-hand corner of the desk top) click on it, then click on “Run” and type in “regedit” and select OK. This will open up the Registry Editor for windows, from there go to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/WAI/PC-DMIS/USER_STI look to the right side of window for name ExitKey and to right will be the exit code number.

    Its nice to know people that know things ;-) I wouldn't have known the answer to this yesterday.

    Thanks Al


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      Originally posted by Eric Hollenbeck View Post

      Its nice to know people that know things ;-) I wouldn't have known the answer to this yesterday.

      Thanks Al
      Yep, sure is... Not too many around here know anything anymore though. They were either too smart and were let go and left on their own.
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