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  • Parallel callout

    Does anyone know how PCDMIS3.7Mr2 calculates the dimension callout "Parallel" of 2 planes?
    I get a answer of .8mm .
    What does that mean?

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    This shows a description of parallelism.....
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      I would assume that the difference between the farthest point from the datum plane and the nearest point from the datum plane is .8mm. The plane being checked will fit entirely into a .8mm zone defined by two parallel planes which are parallel to the datum plane.

      Remember of course that it is only applied to the points on the plane you measure. If there is an area of the plane which is farther out of parallel but you don't hit it, you won't know it. That is why a CMM isn't the best tool for measuring this particular callout.


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        Make sure that the second plane you choose is the datum plane because it makes a difference. You will get different numbers if you compare a small plane to a large one or a large one to a small one.
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