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  • Problem opening program from network

    Lately we've had some problems with programs saved to our network.
    Using V4.1 a program can be opened, saved to the local drive, executed, and edited.
    When trying to save back to the network after executing / editing we encounter an error stating "unautorized access".
    The program now cannot be opened.
    When the program is selected to open the main screen of PC-DMIS simply blinks. That's all she wrote!

    Anyone else having this difficulty?

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    wait for it.....
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      Originally posted by cmmguy View Post
      wait for it.....
      Move to 4.2

      No really, it sounds like an IT issue on your end. I'm not Mr.Computer or anything but that waht that message says to me. Like admin vs user or something like that?

      James Mannes


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        Sounds like you don't have the right permissions for where they are being stored. Like James said it appears to be an IT issue. You'll get not to store them on the network but we do it and I have not had any issues doing it.
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          Your security permissions are not set to admin or write access. Talk to your IT ppl.
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            I don't think it's an IT problem.

            It only happens occasionally with random programs, not every one.
            All programs are saved in the same folder.


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              I want to get your method straight.

              Your program is on the network
              You open pc-dmis
              You open the program using pc-dmis
              You do a save as and save to the local hard drive
              You run the program
              You do a save as back to the network and get an error

              Is that correct?


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