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  • Looping

    I'm wanting to know how to use the looping command. I'm trying to use it on a gauge R&R to make it go quicker. Any advice would help out a lot.
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    You got a lot of hits below. Are you saving stats? That needs to be taken into consideration.

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      I only have 3 hits for the Gauge R&R and those are the dimensions I'm trying to loop. I do how ever need to record each dimension witch I usually do that by writing it down & then inputting it into a Gauge R&R results excel sheet. I was planning on hitting hold run to record the data & load parts.


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        If you are not using Datapage I'd recommend writing them to a text file, saves the pausing to write stuff down and can be imported into Excel. That is what I do
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          Insert | Looping
          Before the 1st feature that is being measured.

          Insert | End Loop
          After the last feature that is being measured.

          In v3.7 I have seen issues with move points inside looping. I'm not sure if it still exists in v4.2. You can go into the Insert | Loop menu and press F1 to get more detailed help.

          You can also try the MultiExecute Wizard by right clicking the toolbar above and enabling the Wizards.
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