How do you keep/treat your calibration tools?

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  • How do you keep/treat your calibration tools?

    Not really software related, but perhaps it is ok to post questions about hardware too here?

    Should they be kept in any special way to prevent damage from rust for instance? Or should they be treated with grease or so? I have thought about using grease to prevent rust, but fear that it will be difficult to remove and that the grease therefore will impose an error itself.

    How do you go about?

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    Man, you should jsut be able to leave it in your room and not worry about it. If you are getting rust on your tool, then you need to have someone look at the HVAC for your department, you should NOT have to worry about that.

    If this is for a shop-floor CMM, I would suggest that you just use a light coating of WD40, wipe it off before use, then give it a light spray. WD40 = WATER-DISPLACEMENT (formula #) 40. No water, no rust.
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    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      Your CMM should be in an environment controlled room. If you are seeing rust then you need a dehumidifier or something.
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        My LSP-X3c head came with oil and the disc that tells me how to oil it is in dutch... any suggestions on how or when to oil head


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