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    You guys that are running 3.7 mr3 talk about the bugs that it fixed -vs- mr2, could you let me know what types of issues you had in mr2. I never had a chance to run 3.5 as when it was loaded into one of our machines we found serious issues from day 1 & being in the middle of a major launch we were not going to chance it. We have been running 3.2063 before the switch to 3.7 mr2 & i could run it in my sleep ~ Thanx in advance
    PcDmis 3.7MR4
    1 - Vento, Dual Arm
    2 - PCR's 1 W/36" Rotary Table
    1 - Dual Arm 3000
    PHS Wrists on Above Machines
    1 - Excel W/PH-10

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    No More Goodbye

    My personal experience has been that with 3.7 MR2, (and 3.5 MR2 for that matter), Pc-Dmis would just shut itself down from time to time---Use CNTRL-S often. This would happen anywhere from 3-7 times a month. I have been using MR3 for about a month now and have not had this happen even once.

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      Well.... Let me put my two cents in .

      We have numerous crashes on our Global Image. Also the construction of a 3D line is almost impossible . I for one need to use CTR-S very often . Editing existing programs ? Don't bother 3.7 MR3 crashes every time.
      Global 3.7 MR3
      Mistral 3.5 MR2
      Windows XP


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        Blah, Blah,,Blah...

        I have been using PC-DMIS 3.7 mr3 for about 1.5 months now and have not seen anything what ya'll been talkin' bout. I have had some irregular and impromptu "blue screen's of death". But, they have been few and far between. A very stable package that I will be working with for quite a while (4.0 is going to have to prove it"s self before I continue forward)

        As a side note; anyone using DATAPAGE, give me an e-mail because I have some news that I can't post on the forum(remember the 3.5 interfac.dll stuff).
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          with 3.7 mr2 sometimes when i brought a program up written with 3.5 it would not read a "move" as if it wasn't there. you could run it again and it would read it fine. very strange. 3.7 mr2 would always "freeze" edit window if you tryed to cancel out of the program before it was done if I had the pdf setting on for printing. i dont have these problems with 3.7 mr3. it runs great


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