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  • TP in 4.2MR1

    OK, so we now maybe have a solid version of 4.2

    question I have is the TP reporting (circle)
    up till now the TP would report circle size and position.....

    now it aslo reports "datum shift" and a "summary"

    so, you can never have too much info, BUT, this takes up almost half of one page for one feature.

    can you imagine if you have to report 20 or more positions as well as all the other features you may have???? reports are getting lengthy

    Hexagon must have bought a paper company and an ink company!

    is there a way to turn off these "extras" from the report? or is the only option to use "legacy" dimensioning?
    Which one gets ridden today? MPH vs MPG..tough choice, both are FUN

    Starrett RGDC 4028-24 :alien:
    Demon vintages 3.7, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 2009

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