3.7mr3 vs. 4.2

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  • 3.7mr3 vs. 4.2

    Stay where I'm at or move on? This true postion crap in 3.7 is getting on my nerves. I can't use all my MMC without screwing everything up.
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      Well, I can't say as I haven't used 4.2. I can say, however, that if you do decide to move on, do the following.

      Copy all your programs and set up a directory structure for your existing programs. So, now you have two copies of all your programs. One set of programs can be converted up to 4.2 for trial purposes. The other set should remain unconverted. You should leave 3.7mr3 on the computer and that way, you can run those unconverted programs in 3.7mr3. You should do likewise with probe files as well but be aware that you will need to make sure you are looking in the correct directory for the correct version probe file.

      Doing that will allow you to still check parts if for some reason the program that has been converted to 4.2 doesn't work. You will be able to run existing programs in 3.7 and fiddle around with 4.2 as you have time.


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        4.1 resolves some of the issues that are still in 3.7mr3

        4.2 has some issues that I don't care for

        go to 4.1
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          I worked with V4.2 last week while at a sister plant and liked what I saw. It took some getting used to the probe tool box and some of the pull downs have changed but over the look and feel was good. I am seriously think of upgrading our CMM to V4.2.
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            Lately, it occurs to me
            What a long, strange trip it's been.

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