Edit Data Field Wizard: a word of caution

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  • Edit Data Field Wizard: a word of caution

    This wizard which was added at 3.7 (I think) is a great tool.
    I use it quite a bit.
    But I learned something about it today.
    If you edit something using this wizard and it will affect the nominal values of the features you edit, apparently the nominals DO NOT get updated.

    For instance, if you are measuring a cylinder that is not square with your alignment you have different nominal values at the "top" of the cylinder than you do at the "bottom".
    If you edit the depth or height of this feature with F9 or some other way, PC-DMIS asks if you want to update the nominals. And in the case noted above you would want to update the nominals.

    With the wizard you are not given this opportunity to update. So the nominals of any features changed like this (if they should change) will not be correct.

    If you work with parts defined by CAD only and you do not have a drawing depicting the nominal values, you would not see this problem and could be reporting incorrectly. (drove me crazy for an hour or so today).

    With things like "Move Distance" this is not a problem because you are not doing anything that will affect the nominals. Also, in the case noted above, if the cylinders were "square" with the alignment then the nominals would not need to change.

    If any of you know anything more about this or of a way to get the wizard to do the updates please post it.
    Lately, it occurs to me
    What a long, strange trip it's been.

    2017 R1 (Offline programming)

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