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    hello. i am a new cmm user/ programmer. been at it about 3 months with no formal training. i am using a b&s global status.pc dmis cad 3.7 mr 1 i have learned a lot from this forum. my question is that i have a part that i have to make a pattern to check multiple parts. 8 at a time. i think i have the patern down good but i would like to know about inputing diminsions. do i have to diminsion each and every part or is there a way to copy the diminsioning to the pattern. so i can just program the dim for the first part and copy to the pattern. the parts have about 20close tolerance diminsions (+- .005" and +/-.001") that would be 160 seperate diminsions. it would be a big time saver to be able to do so. any help would be appreciated.

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    Your program will runs all 8 parts correct? so each part should have it own Idenity say pnt1_1 pnt2_1 and so on. So copy paste the first set with the tolerance, then go to each new set change the name of the say pnt1_1 to pnt1_2 pnt2 to pnt2_2 and so on, part 8 will look like this pnt1_8 pnt2_2 and once you change the name of the feature the tolerance will change automaticlly the second number reflecting the part number
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