MCR20 changer problems

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  • MCR20 changer problems

    After calibrating my rack 5 times, I still have problems placing them in their respected slots. It goes to take the 1st one home and slightly misses its mark on "Z" then pushes the rack back. After making some minor adjustments to the rack it landed perfectly in the first one and then screwed up on the rest.

    All help is appreciated.

    ~Josh~ Giles Rescue "Ut ceteri vivant"

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    probe comp

    Are you using the calibration routine or doing it manually? Are you using a 2x20mm tip? Most likely your problem is Probecomp/on or off when it should be the other way around. I seem to remember if you run the routine from edit/preferences/probechanger, the comp must be off. HTH
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      Wes, you stole my thunder, the rack does need to be calibrated using the internal calibrate routine. What that routine doesn't tell you is that the probe has to be a 2mm dia x 20 mm long buildup only ,no extensions anywhere,and it has to be previously calibrated.
      James Temmen

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        Finally....If you have to use that probe, why do they give you the option to choose your active probe before you calibrate? I was using the 3mm, I was close. This only took me about 4 hours to fix! Thansk for you help.

        ~Josh~ Giles Rescue "Ut ceteri vivant"


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          I'm title free

          Just because they add the option in the program, does not mean that it has to be functional by any means. Either that or this is all part of a giant test used to confuse and bewilder all that challenge it.
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