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  • DataPage Error 128

    Encountered Database Error: 127, attempt to correct by deleting xstats11.tmp, .dbl, and .taf files re-ran and failed.

    Created new database with different name mean time to keep us going and that was successful.

    Tried to open old database - encounetered "Database System Error: -128", "Wrong Dictionary File" and would not allow me to open old database - keeps defaulting back to last opened database.

    Can Someone please help and give me a clue what a dictionary file is?
    PC-DMIS CAD++ 3.7 from 4.2 MR1

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    The problem is that the file that is corrupt or created incorrectly still exists. The folder needs to be deleted before you can proceede. Locate for folder, delete it and then delete the xstats11 file.



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      Thanks for the reponse...

      I looked at both the PC-DMIS and DataPage folders and files - looks normal.
      Don't know where else to look - Please advice.

      I am able to run part programs and collect data to new database - all good.

      Problem is - I need to get in old database for reports and lot's of data in there.
      No reports = I'm toast
      PC-DMIS CAD++ 3.7 from 4.2 MR1


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        Hey Joe,
        You can go into the database folder thru windows explorer. The problem will be in the most recent addition. Chances are that there is a folder without the DO1 file in it. It may be time consuming if you are unsure of the folder name. You can delete the folder from there. Until you get this done, you will continually have the error.



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