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    I do so love copy/paste with or without pattern. I have 11 identical ports with multiple features. Some are checked to the overall part alignment, but one of the features becomes an individual Datum that the rest of the port features are held true to. So I go thru and program the features true to the overall alignment 1st, then copy paste. Now I go back bookmark the start of each port to help me keep things straight. I create an alignment for the 1st individual datum and program the features true to it. Now I copy those features, move to the next port create new individual alignment and paste. Always answer no to the nasty alignment change question and it works beautifully. BUT My bookmarks keep moving! When I insert the new alignment and features, when I move down to the start of the next port, I find the book mark has moved up several lines. (In other words, when I inserted the features, it pushed the code down to make room but left the bookmarks sitting just where they were instead of pushing them down too.)
    If a bookmark won't stay fixed to the line it is placed on, maybe there should be another marking feature that will in greatly anticipate version 5.0! So much for my bright ideas. Thanks for listening.
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    V3.5MR1. I have noticed those moving bookmarks also.
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