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  • Mirroring

    Anybody do a lot of mirroring in PCDMIS?

    Is it easier to re-do the other hand from scratch?
    What are the pit-falls?
    What about probing?

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    Mirroring is great and saves a lot of time. You will just have to redo the tip angles. This is one option that will give an expensive headache. But will still save a lot of programming time.



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      I agree with ag162, huge time saver, just double check all probe angles.


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        Works good on auto body parts around centerline. others watch that probe is going right angle direction.
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          I agree with everyone here it is a huge time savings and also make sure to check your tip angles.
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            Haven't mirrored any complex parts and only did it in the X axis even the probe tips were right. saved some time for sure
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              So it basically "flips" the part about the axis, reversing the signs of the mirrored axis only?
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                You will have to take your alignment features in reverse also. I have never done one with cad tho
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                  What I am working on is without cad.

                  I am using an external alignment on a fixture. The Left hand fixture is mirrored from the right hand fixture...
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                    I always write a new manual and dcc alignment for 2nd part and then copy in the mirrored program.


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                      I mirror most of the programs I write.
                      1. Most of the tip rotations will be incorrect. Check every one.
                      2. Constructed lines from intersecting planes will need to be reversed if used in an alignment.
                      3. Offset lines will probably need to be reversed.
                      4. PC-DMIS defaults to "Y" mirroring. Make sure you check this when selecting to mirror.
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                        I use it alot, one caution is that you should let PC DMIS name your file for you. Then after you have it on your drive go in and rename it. I have had every program that I tried to rename "from the start" to any thing other than the default cause me all kinds of grief.

                        I have not tried it sence V3.5 so things might be better now.

                        One other thing if your saving to file go in and change your file name, I seem to forget that .
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                          I mirror a lot. I mirror the entire program including alignments. Now my alignmenst are typically tooling ball alignments, so I seldom have any problem other than the tip angles. I do CAD=PART alignments to CAD. I've never had to reverse the order that I pick up my alignment features, so I don't know what that is all about. After I've mirrored I rerun the program SLOW to make sure the tips are all correct. After I've run it slow, I go back in and change offsets for the location of the new tooling balls because they're never exactly the same.

                          I've also had good luck saving as "mirror me" with the origional program, mirroring that program, creating a program with a new alignment on the new gage, and copying and pasting the body of the "mirror me" program into the new program. Effectively just copying the features that I want to measure.

                          It's a definate time saver and something that all programmers should be able to do.



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                            Originally posted by cmmguy View Post
                            Anybody do a lot of mirroring in PCDMIS?

                            Is it easier to re-do the other hand from scratch?
                            What are the pit-falls?
                            What about probing?

                            Just an echo of what everyone else has said.

                            I think it can (not always) save time. One advantage is that you know for certain that the two parts are measured in the same exact way. Same alignments, same # of hits on each feature, same dimension order, etc.

                            If you've never mirrored before, I'd do a little test program. Write a very simple program using the angles you plan on using and measuring 1 or 2 features with each angle. Then, mirror the program and see how it works.

                            I don't think I've ever had to change tip angles in the mirrored program but I'm guessing that the angles I used were not affected by the mirror. For example, if I mirrored in x and only used A0B0, A90B0 and A90B180, the angles wouldn't be affected. So, if you haven't written the original program yet, think about the angles and which axis it would make the most sense to mirror in and try to set it up that way.


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                              Since I eventually want my fixture programs external to my Part Program, would it be better to first include the fixture alignment program in the Left hand part until after I do the mirror or would it not matter. (It seems when I introduce a new alignment it wants to screw with my nominals)
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