part length longer than CMM bed

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  • part length longer than CMM bed

    I have several parts that the length is longer than the CMM surface. I am looking for a way to measure the part in 2 sections but show the report data from the first alignment. I am used to using MM4 and with it I could create a distance measurement for the 1st section and add that distance to the features in the 2nd section for reporting. I'm using a Brown & Sharpe 9-12-9 and PC-DMIS.

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    Equate Alignment is what you need to use...

    Here is a good thread that explains it... make sure you read all the posts. Maybe you can relate it to your part.

    Equate Thread
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      Another option, I do this on the (too many) instances when my parts are longer than the bed.

      This WILL depend on HOW MUCH longer than the bed they are.

      Use a long cartridge extension on the PH- head, I used 100mm once.
      Use a star probe
      Use a 75,-180 and 75,0 to reach the front and back ends that are beyond the length of the bed.

      USED TO BE, the equate alignment worked great for fixtures. The equate alignment function now REQUIRES that you measure the exact same points from alignment to alignment, and this is NOT always possible when shifting a fixture front to back on the table. Previously, the EQUATE allowed you to make ANY alignment for the second alignment and equate it to the first, for example, a plane and a line and a hole for each, as long as you knew what the XYZ locations of those feature were, the equate would work GREAT (I did it this way on a part that required THREE setups it was so [email protected] long). BUt now, you must measure the exact same XYZ points for both alignments (Sucks!).
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      I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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