4.1 PRO Manual VS 3.7MR3

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  • 4.1 PRO Manual VS 3.7MR3

    Hello Folks. We are in a final Stages of Purchasing a ROMER Arm. Please give me your honest input on whats the best software to go with. Thanks ! Philip ~

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    I have been using this for a year now (4.1), but you asked my opinion and I'm giving it. Purchase Apogee.

    DMIS will crash, and crash, and crash, and crash. With a manual, your going to have to do a whole lot a measuring by hand. Add repeated setups after crashing, then whatever you measured already, and it's a no brainer. Go with stable software. These guys here will tell you PCDMIS is the $hit, and it sure is a piece of it alright.
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      I hear a fight brewing.
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        Originally posted by inspector212 View Post
        I hear a fight brewing.

        Well, as for a manual versino of Pcdmis, I have NEVER had any crashes doing manual work with Pcdmis, EXCEPT for the version that required you to use the menu-listings to delete stuff instead of highlighting then hitting the delete key.

        As for the ROMER, I hope you are not planning on using this for tight tolerance checks.

        Pcdmis (PRE V3.7) had a very nice 'figure-it-out' for you when learning manual features, ie it would guess a circle correct 95% of the time, a cylinder, plane, etc, the same. I have heard that the stuff that comes with Romer requires you to TELL it what you are about to measure before you take any touches, instead of like Pcdmis where you just go start taking your touches. V3.7 changed the 'timing' of the feature guess, it tries to guess WIHLE you are measuring instead of after you tell it you are done, which can be VERY f#cking annoying, especially when you are 15 feet away from the PC and are measuring, say, a sphere and after your 3rd touch it thinks you are doing a circle and POPS UP a warning window asking if you want to change workplanes. No touches you take after that window pops up will register, so you have to walk back over to the PC, tell it no, then go back to where you were. P1SSES ME OFF, let me tell you. I do not know what V4+ will be like in this case, I do not know if it still tries to guess before you are done or if it went back to the SMART way of waiting until you are done to guess what you just did. I run V3.7 MR3 all day, everyday, and yes, there are some annoying things it does, but once you 'learn' what it does not like, you can run all day long without a crash. I think I have had 1 crash THIS WEEK due to the handy 'ARM2 CALIBRATION' issue (I have a single arm machine) and one power-dump due to me running 1 program while working on 2 (YES, TWO!) other programs in the background editor.
        Originally posted by AndersI
        I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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          Everything Matt said and more ran 3.5 on faro you could turn off guess mode. There is also homing option which will put you right on the target. Find nominals to cad works great! Just remember save often. Don't know about apogee but pcdemis beets cam 2 and power inspect hands down if you learn how to use it! Just wanted to add read post on portable arms.
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