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  • v4.2 Fly Mode

    In v4.1 Fly Mode, the probe did not pause after coming out of a circle. Such as when an avoidance move was used before & after touching the hole. The probe never paused at all when fly mode was on, it just ran smooth and fast the way it was told to do.

    Upgrade to v4.2....

    Now when I use Fly mode, there is a pause after the probe comes out of a hole, or finished measuring a feature. It no longer makes a smooth, non-stop movement to the next move point or feature. I didn't change any settings, other than the size of the radius that fly mode uses.

    Could this be a setting that I could change to make fly mode work like it used to? Or is this just something that was changed in v4.2?

    (This is the only thing I've found about v4.2 that I don't really like, so far.)

    Aaron Fenner
    Quality Engineer
    PC-Dmis v4.3
    B & S Global Status 7.7.7
    6 years xp 32-bit


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    Only FlyMode settings i know of is "ON" & Radius value????


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      Interesting, what machine / controller are you using? I might be upgrading to v4.2 soon and that would suk.
      I used to be high on life but I built up a tolerance.

      Brown & Sharpe Global Advantage
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