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  • 4.0 To be or not to be

    Any word on 4.0? Is it available and is it the miracle baby they touted? I understand many first releases have inherant "issues" but because I can't resolve the RTF issue that came with 3.7, and the fact that I liked some of the features and changes that came with 3.7, I'm torn as to whether to get 4.0 before our agreement lapses this summer, or wait and continue with 3.5 MR2... Nonetheless, 3.7 isn't doing it because we rely so heavily on RTF that I can't switch. Any suggestions?
    Thomas Stewart
    Quality Technician/CMM Programmer

    2010 MR1
    Mitutoyo BN715
    CMMC-3 Controller

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    Is it available? Yes. Miracle - no. See other post. And Matt has found some interesting things out as well.
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