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    Does anyone (or is it possible) run multiple versons of PCDMIS on one machine.Other words have the choice to run 3.5 or 3.7 etc ?


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    Yes, I have a few on my machine.
    I believe this is Matt's forte'. Do a search, and I think you wil find it.
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      Yep. you can run as many versions as you like, however:

      1) The search path's of V3.5 and up will be the same (in the regestry)
      2) The search path's of Pre-V3.5 versions will be the same (in the INI file in the windows directory)

      What I do is really quite simple:
      1) Copy the currrent, working version of Pcdmis (entire folder/directory) and re-name it
      2) Install the "new and improved" version into the copy

      I have V3.2063 MR3, V3.25 MR3, V3.5, V3.5, V3.5 MR1, V3.5 MR2, V3.7 MR3 all installed on my computer and I can use any one of them. Just remember, the path problems and you will be fine. If needed, I make copies of my "job" directories (one for each part/job that I have in the shop, I keep them all seperate) and label folder/directory for the version number. Also, if needed, I make seperate directories for probe file (rarely).

      If for some reason, I have to 'save-back', the name of the program will contain the version it is saved for, ie 27022-STH-V32063mr3.PRG. If you do set up for multiple versions, PAY ATTENTION to the warnings you get, like "DO YOU WANT TO UPDATE THE PROBE FILE TO THE NEW VERSION". Warnings like this can help you to keep from using a program in a newer version that you don't want it to be used in.
      Originally posted by AndersI
      I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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        Cool ....Thx



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