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    Hi everyone.
    I have tried to call B&S today, but I can't contact them. I think the expert in this forum may help me.
    I got a Mitutoyo CMM since last week, the only thing I don't like is box control. It does'nt have the button to increase or reduce Machine speed. I have one spare Box control of Brown&Sharpe.
    Is it possible to use Box control B&S on Mitutoyo ? I really need to know before I call for service.
    Have a good weekend

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    You mean the RCU? I used to have two Sheffields with RCUs that couldn't adjust speed. It was either "slow mode" or not.
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      I am pretty sure that you can ONLY run the B&S jog box if you have a B&S controller. I do not think that Miti ships B&S controllers with their machines....

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        I think that would be a pretty firm NO.

        However, I thought the MIT had variable speed control on the jog boxes, maybe there is an upgraded model available for your CMM from MIT.
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          I wouldn't do it. Might blow your controller and then you'd be out big bucks.
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