Automation to start PCDMIS in C++

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  • Automation to start PCDMIS in C++

    Does anybody know coding to start PCDMIS in C++, I am new for this site and try to develop automation tool for company I work, please help.

    Thank you

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    Have you imported the PCDMIS library into your project yet? I am not a C++ programmer and am a hack with VB at best but I have written automation applications for PCDMIS. Not sure how the C++ thing will go over with it but I know there are a couple of guys here once in a while that do C languages, perhaps they will jump in.

    Where are you with this so far?
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      I played around a little - you need to import the tlb file supplied when pcdmis is installed.

      #import "c:\v37\PCDLrn.tlb" rename_namespace("PCDLRN")
      using namespace PCDLRN;

      This generates a couple of other files:

      which can be viewed to see what interfaces & calls are available.

      IApplicationPtr & IPartProgramPtr are starting points.


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        In the PCDBASIC help file (Pcdbasic.chm) there's a topic titled "Launching PC-DMIS with Startup Options". While the help file's examples are mainly in BASIC language, there is one example in that topic on how to use C++ to launch PC-DMIS. Perhaps you can extrapolate from there how to automate in C++. I know it's possible, just not familiar with how to do it.
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          Not familiar with C++, only played with it once a long time ago back in the DOS days. Let us know if you switch over to VB. I'm currently working on a VB front end application.
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            Thank you for every one for advise, now I could start PCDMIS from C++, from now, my study starts...

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              Glad you got it running. Good luck with everything! If you come up with a relatively easy to use sample of automating using C++ let me know and I'll put the example in next version's help files.
              Jared Hess - PC-DMIS Documentation Team Lead @ HMI
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