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  • Datapage!!!!!!!!

    Hi everyone,

    I have asked various questions on this topic before, but, still it seems that I cannot get Datapage to do what I want it to do. I am breaking down and going to classes in June, but, this is not helping me at the moment.

    My customer has been informed that we have Datapage, and now, things have gotten rough for me. I haven't used Datapage very many times in the past six months since purchasing it simply because, and maybe it's just me, but it seems to be very user-unfriendly. I just need to supply a 30 piece capability study.

    I have a program with multiple cavities. If I run the program 30 times and send stats to the Datapage database, everything comes out fine. However, I need to be able to loop this program and send stats once. I have tried using an update stats command in the loop, I have turned off bracket arrays, I have used feature name and dimension name, with the same results. I am getting ready to dropkick this stuff. Especially since I paid more for this than Minitab and before I could basically copy and paste.

    Any ideas would be great!!

    Thanks guys,

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    We have Datapage here in the UK too. That's United Kingdom, NOT University of Kentucky!!! Hehehe The only problem is, you buy it from a company that can't train you how to use it!!!! Nice One!!!
    I am a Mushroom................Kept in the dark and fed on sh*t!!!!!


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      Just my .02,
      When I run a prg for a cpk, I run the program 30 times. Looping has caused me grief in the past. If possible, unmark the manual alignment features, to save time.



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        Thanks for the responses. I believe I will have to continue following along with the 30 execution approach. I can get away with unmarking the alignment to save some time, but, I am primarily concerned with an operator say on nights needing to run this study. I don't want them to unmark manually so I created a macro to unmark the alignments.

        This works out okay, but, I would really like to have a script that fires the macro on it's own rather than having the operator stumble around looking for the macro play button. Actually, I don't want the macro buttons in the toolbar at all.

        I also seem to be losing a lot of time on the updating of the database between each execution. First, I get a -127 error which I have to hit the cancel button on 20 - 30 times to get the update to commence. I am aware that the programs can be executed to run the next set while the database is updating, but, what if the program takes less time to run than it takes to update the database? I have done this before and I have lost a couple of sets of data because the program was finished before the update was.

        I think I am losing it.....................oops too late!

        Any ideas would be great!



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          Well, usually the -127 error means you need to delete the XSTATS11.TMP file in the Pcdmis install directory. I have a batch file that replaces it with a 'good', empty copy of the file, just a single click on the quick-launch tool bar of windoze. Also, have you looked at using MARKED SETS for the guys on nights. One set WITH the alignment and one WiTHOUT the alignment. AND, you can leave updating the stats until you have all 30 parts run and the data in the XSTATS11.TMP file. Of course, that has it's own set of worries, but it is an option that works with the 30-execution method.
          Originally posted by AndersI
          I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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            Originally posted by slinky1561
            We have Datapage here in the UK too. That's United Kingdom, NOT University of Kentucky!!! Hehehe The only problem is, you buy it from a company that can't train you how to use it!!!! Nice One!!!
            heh, if it wasn't for these forums i don't think too many people would be using datapage.


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              Datapage is a nice tool to use, but you have to be carefull on the XSTATS11.TMP file. It shouldn't take that long for your data to save. I would make sure that the XSTATS11.TMP file emty.

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                I save the manual alignment and then recall it when I start DCC. I also use marked sets, 1 for the manual section & 1 for the DCC section.

                Go to F5, dimension, and check both boxes on the Auto Stats box. Now it will update the database automatically every time when it finishes executing the program.

                I would start fresh, delete the Xstats file & remeasure the parts. After you run 2 parts check datapage to see if you are getting what you need.


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                  If you are worried about the night guy marking the manual alignment you can either do a straight jump over it or do a comment yes/no to ask if you want to run the manual alignment or not.
                  James Temmen

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                    Hi Brad,

                    I use datapage for all my data. When I used to run cap studies I would copy my data into excel or minitab to do my statistics and studies. I use excel macro's for all my data manipulations and formatting. I had to train myself in datapage so I don't know all the in's and out's. I do have so code that works for me when running multiple parts. I have to run anywhere from 1 to 8 parts at a time and keep the stats on whatever I am running. It may not be the most efficient way to write the code but it does work for me. I don't use mark sets for anything I do because I am the only one here. I use goto/labels to get around inside my programs. If you want me to post let me know or email me at [email protected]
                    Hope this helps.
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