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    I have a couple of problems. My first and most aggrivating is in my graphics display window I have lost view of my measured dimensions and feature ID's, what can I do to retrieve them? In my reports, I have been asked to report roundness and shows the hi's and lo's, easy enough but what I wanted to know if there is a way that I can do this while having multiple diameters that overlap, I just want to show one at a time. Is there an easier way than hiding features and making a print of the screen for each feature?
    J. Watson

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    Go to edit
    graphics display window
    feature appearance.

    then you can turn on the dimensions and features you want on.
    or once you have one on you could right click an show ids all to get every thing back on.
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      I'm at home so I can't test it out but follow this link

      and use the directions there in to create a seperate view for each. If that doesn't work maybe mess around w/ the graphic analysis window.

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