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  • Measure a cone angle

    I am fairly new to PC DIMIS and am trying to measure a cone angle. The version we are using is 3.7. I go to location and pick the cone and select A. This gives me the included angle whereas I only what the one side angle of the cone. Help if you can.

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    Follow this link to a method I have posted before.
    When in doubt, post code. A second set of eyes might see something you missed.


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      Unfortunatly still a little clueless here. I am only to the point of measuring features and dimensioning. Can you walk me through creating the needed info.?


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        I replied to your PM. I was doing that from memory, I'm about to leave for the day and my CMM is shutdown.


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          Type AS then tab over.
          ASSIGNMENT/V1=0 will appear
          Dbl click on 0 and type in your feature name.ANGLE/2
          i.e. ASSIGNMENT/V1=CONE.ANGLE/2

          Type GEN then tab over
          F1=GENERIC/POINT will appear
          Dbl click on POINT and type in NONE
          Go down to ANGLE
          The first toggle field is for your nominal, enter it here
          The second toggle field is the measured angle, enter your variable name here i.e. V1

          Now simply Dim>Location>A>F1

          Good luck!
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            The above method is correct, but I do believe that the assignment should read,


            You can also use the keyin dimension and type in your variable name (V1) in the actual box. Never tried it with an angle though.




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              You are correct Darin. Long day yesterday. If there are any questions on a variables syntax, place the cursor on the assignment and hit F2. This will bring up the expression builder.
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