Probe Diameter Exceeds Limits?

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  • Probe Diameter Exceeds Limits?

    Hey Guys,

    Still working out the bugs on my Probe Qualification blues.

    We got the StDev better because there was something out of adjustment with the controller/machine. However now that Im getting better (more repeatable) measurements Im getting an error message for the Diameter of the probe something along the lines of "Probe diameter exceeding the limits", See my attaced PDF, the diameter is measuring +.006 big, with micrometers the ruby is about 3.999mm (Im guessing hexagon didnt calibrate my qual spheres correctly). Regardless the alarm limit is set at .010mm but I still get the error message. Seems odd to me, anyone know whats going on here?

    Thanks again
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    Mr. Comment
    SCIROCCO-NT 13-20-10
    B3C-LC Controller (Leitz Protocol), SP600M, TP200
    PCDMIS CAD++ v4.3 MR1(Build: 12/11/08)

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    If you are using millimeters (4mm ruby?) shouldn't you have your diameter warning set a little higher than .010mm? I have mine set at .250mm. Also, try setting your first two warnings to "1 day", and "24 hours" respectively and see if that fixes your problem. I know it shouldn't but it rings a bell?

    James Mannes


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      Check the diameter of your calibration sphere.
      Had a problem here similar to what you are experiencing.
      Sphere was entered as 2.000"
      When I checked it with a mic it was actually a couple of thousandths under that.
      Lately, it occurs to me
      What a long, strange trip it's been.

      2017 R1 (Offline programming)


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