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    Good Morning.

    I am having a small problem customizing my toolbar.
    I show only 4 items on the dimension toolbar but all of the others appear greyed-out, hence taking up too much space. Any ideas?

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    Move your cursor up to the toolbars. Right click so that the window opens up that has "customize" at the bottom. Click on that. Go up to the greyed out icon and, with the "shift" key held down, left click the greyed out icon and pull it onto the graphics screen. When all greyed out icons are removed, click "ok".

    James Mannes


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      Many thanks.
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        I'm having a similar situation, in that about 1/2 of my icons are greyed-out.
        In fact some other options - paste with pattern for example, is not only grey-out as a toolbar item, it is greyed-out in my edit tab as well!!!!
        What happened? . . . why are they NOW useless?
        How do I turn-em on?
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          Originally posted by M.Ock View Post
          paste with pattern for example, is not only grey-out as a toolbar item, it is greyed-out in my edit tab as well
          Paste and Paste with pattern are gray if there's nothing to paste - for example if the last thing you copied was a picture.
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