PC DMIS Freezing (V4.1)

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  • PC DMIS Freezing (V4.1)


    I have been using PC Dmis 4.1 since January.

    A few weeks ago I start having troubles with PC Dmis being Freeze, most of the times while loading a report (it can go from 3 - 4 min to more than 15 if you just let it do it) and also sometimes while trying to load a photo on the automatic mode.

    Sometimes it also kick me out due to a Reosurse not being ready or available, I have to restart the PC Dmis to keep working.

    Does anyone have had these troubles? Any idea?

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    This might be related to this post:
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      Also, if using XPSP2 did you install the MS 'hot fix' or run in 'best performance mode'?


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        Best bet, go online and download the V4.2 16JUL2007 it has all the fixes and I have had no problems since.
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