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  • Open the program on latest version

    I got a program from Supplier. But I can't open, the message say : Error, need to use the latest Version". Any idea ? Thanks
    I am using V3.7

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    you have 3.7

    is it 3.7 MR2?

    your supplier is running 4.1 maybe?

    your supplier has given you a program that is at a newer level than what you are running

    example...supplier has 4.1 and you have 3.7...
    the supplier would have to save the program as 3.7 for you to use it
    and even then there may be some things that won't work the GDT

    not much help to you, but at least you now know what is happening...your best bet is to upgrade so you are current with the latest version (4.2MR1)

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      Originally posted by bob mappes View Post
      your best bet is to upgrade so you are current with the latest version (4.2MR1)
      I just wanted to note that once you have installed 4.2, you always have the option to save it back to whatever version you currently run.
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        I just want to add that you can have more than one version installed and useable on your machine. So... you could install 4.2 or whatever version the program was written in and use it to run that program. But... you can keep 3.7 and continue to program in it if you don't want to make the jump to 4.2 right now.

        That is what I would probably do. That way you don't have any issues with the program that may be created when saving it back to a previous version.


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