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    Hi folks, I'm not an IT Guy or much of a computer guy really but I'm trying to get pcdmis to sent inspection results to a file that can then inturn be used by SPC-Lighthouse to generate X- and R charts does anyone have any suggestions of what I need to set-up?

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    Good thing Matt is on vacation. What is the format of the file for Lighthouse? I think there is a utility for Lighthouse that will extract the data from the xstats11.tmp file. Not sure. SABarber is on top of the Datapage stuff. I know this is a competing product but he may be able to get you in the right direction, not sure.

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      LH has their own program which can import data. You will need to contact LH for this program. They basically replace the update program datapage uses with their own version.


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        Thanks guys I'll contact LH and see what they say. One question on my mind though, do I have to add a path to the pcdmis part checking program to store the data in a file? and is that done through the "print command" settings?


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          LH uses the Datapage STATS setup - but I do not know anything beyond that.


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