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  • new joystick box

    I just tried to hook up a new joystick box and now am getting a machine not responding. I am using 4.1 on a B&S micro excel. Reason for replacing the box....I accidently dropped it for the thousandth time

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    You shut her all the down? Do a cold start.
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      I tried that....same thing....even put the old box back on and still had no response. My old box was the old style and am trying to upgrade to the one that has the speed control. So not sure if that is the problem or not


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        Sounds like you either have it plugged into the wrong spot (know this one from experience), or the wrong box. I don't think that you can change to the box with speed control.
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          Do you have only machine is not responding msg?

          When you swicth on the controller , jogbox's leds are blinking , all of them is off , all of them is on.. what is the led status?

          according to my experience , you may use the new style jogbox on the machine..
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            Did you bend a prong when you plugged it in?
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