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    I have generally stayed away from Clearance Planes and used my own move points. However, I am now dabbling in them and have a question about them. What is the point of the pass thru plane? So far it seems I would always want to set the pass through plane the same as the clearance plane that I want to use. In fact, I tried setting my clearance plane to X- and left the pass through alone (Z) and I crashed. The CMM did not clear the X- plane as I had intended. So I set both planes to the plane I want to clear. Is this designed so I can clear two planes? How does this work? The help file is of little help here.

    Bill Jarrells
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    Jammes Manes is the only one that knows. I think they made that feature for him. He did a little write up on it. Check the hits at the bottom of this page for it.
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      Pass through planes are good for use when going from measuring in the y- view (a90b180) and going to the y+ view a90b0 tips...Love them, but they take a bit of getting used to. As Craiger said, Jammes has a great write up on this...........
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