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  • TP 200 module question

    Running a b&S Global with a TP200 on a renishaw PH10M

    We have 3 standard force modules and as I was working on a program with a 2mm Ruby tip and had a one of the module is hanging up when you push on it.
    The other modules drop up and down easily
    tried a lil alcohol in case any crud was in there but did not make it any better
    switch tip to another module and calibrated to get going--so up and running

    does anyone no if there are springs inside the modules?
    if yes can we replace them
    and does anyone know if they rebuild teh modules and is it worth it or just replace with new/


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    TP 200's & their modules are held on by a magnetic field. You can buy a refurbished TP 200 for $920.00 with exchange. The modules I'm not sure of the cost. I have the change rack & resetting it up as we speak. Just got my new rebuilt TP 200...
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      The tp200 uses strain gages to take the measurement. Unless you are very sophisitcated electronically, I would recommend you do not try to tamper with it.
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        We have done the rebuild exchange on the module body also

        thanks for responses I am going to try to get it replaced but I know they go for 600 for standard force modules mag tip holders

        just looked em up in the renishaw catalog stylus modules standard and low force --$630 each--probably an old catalog so not a quote price
        boss says get one we shall see if the money boys agree

        thanks again
        was ordered and over $700 from Hexagon
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